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Now in production. Almost 20 machines are in service, with our first export machines out there. The innovations and new features that make Thinair unique are proving themselves in both on and off grid situations around New Zealand and now offshore. There is an exciting potential for the product, particularly complementing solar PV in off grid applications.

running turbineturbine_buildingCrail Bay


Recent shot of turbine at off grid house (ours!) running into the sunset, and keeping the battery charge up overnight.

blade molding

Another blade successfully molded! Powerhouse Wind Workshop from left, PY Potonnier, Katrina Thomson, Neil Shearer, Andreas Duerbaum.

Solomons turbine

Export turbine for the Solomon Islands packed for shipping....

Synergi unit

Bill Currie, Richard Butler and Tim Mepham with the Enatel Synergi based energy system for the Solomon Islands in the PHW development lab.

synergi testing

Enatel Synergi based energy system in final stages of development testing with Thinair controller and comms module.

Solomons shipment

The complete system for the Solomon islands on the truck and away...

Sam field work

Sam McMullan completing a recent field check on a Thinair turbine.

Getting consent for Thinair 102turbine head

Like almost any other building or installation, Thinair 102 must be installed in accordance with the New Zealand Building Act. We have made a document to illustrate the consenting process for you.You'll find it here.

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