Revolutionising Small Wind Power

The Thinair Wind Turbine

For Sustainable and Renewable Energy Systems

At Powerhouse Wind we’re all about using renewable energy to power your home, your business or your clients. The elegant and robust

provides a revolutionary new approach to wind power, providing quiet, affordable, highly efficient electricity generation as part of private energy generation systems.


You're a commercial business needing remote off-grid renewable energy solutions.


You have a lifestyle block or live remotely and would like an off-grid renewable energy system.


You're a renewable energy supplier looking to develop off-grid systems for your customers.

Wind turbines produce wind energy,
a renewable, inexhaustible
and free resource that emits
zero greenhouse gases or air pollutants.

Sustainable Development

Wind generation is renewable and inexhaustible and offers long term energy-generation stability. Small wind turbines are available for homes, farms and businesses that want to generate their own wind power, negating the need to import power. Wind turbines are usually combined with other energy generators in a grid-connected or off-grid power system. They complement solar energy generation, offering electricity supply on grey days and at night.

Environmentally Friendly

Wind turbines generate electricity without producing greenhouse gas emissions or using fossil fuels. Given how easy they are to remove, this makes wind power one of the most environmentally-friendly forms of electricity generation available. It’s also incredibly fast to build wind energy infrastructure.

Wind Power Affordability

The cost of wind power has seen a dramatic decrease in the last decade. A wind turbine requires an initial setup cost, but over its longer-term life-cycle wind energy is far more financially competitive than its fossil fuel counterparts. There’s no need to continually purchase fuel, operating expenses are minimal and only basic maintenance is required. And you can sell any excess power back to the grid.

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