The Story Behind Powerhouse Wind

It all started with a conversation around a smoko table over a cup of tea

Bill Currie and a few others were discussing the failings of current wind turbines and the poor image created because small wind turbines were breaking down in high wind situations as well as not delivering the performance expected based on their ratings.

To product development engineers all things are possible, so the initial concept of an appliance like product, designed for scaled manufacturing based around high wind protection mechanisms using a single blade, was developed.

The ThinAir turbine progressed through concept design to a working prototype. Further progress required capital investment which was provided by way of a Callaghan Innovation technology transfer with an equal investment provided by family and friends. The technology transfer grant enabled the involvement of the Otago Polytechnic Innovation workspace in continuing the product development.

Working with the Polytechnic over a 2-year period resulted in the manufacture of the first off tooled prototypes which were sold and installed at various locations around the South Island.

The field testing of the prototypes revealed weaknesses and strengths of the wind turbine. Engineering changes and retrofitting of improvements have been made so that the company can now demonstrate over eight years of successful field trials.

In 2020 New Zealand electricity distribution businesses (EDBs) were looking for diversified supply solutions. Our vision for improving energy security prompted a collaboration from which the PowerCrate, our all-in-one hybrid energy solution, was born.

We are currently demonstrating PowerCrate units throughout New Zealand and continuing to adapt to meet our changing energy needs.

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