Wind Turbines in Residential Areas 

A wind energy system can be an extremely cost-effective renewable home-based energy system.

Can I use wind energy to power my home?

The ThinAir wind turbine requires approximately half an acre of rural land to power an average Kiwi home. It removes the extremely high costs of extending utility power lines to a remote rural residential area. And once installed, it can lower or nullify your electricity bill.

Wind turbines in residential areas offer wind energy which is clean, renewable and localised.

As with solar power systems, wind turbines in residential areas can connect to the power grid and provide significant energy for your home. Any excess power can be fed back to the grid and will generate income. When the wind is not blowing (which it does not, wherever you are), the residence is able to receive electricity generation either from installed solar panels or from being connected to the grid.

The improvement of solar technology has meant that homeowners now benefit from solar power. Wind turbines in residential areas are the ideal complement to solar. 

The Thinair Wind Turbine, either alone or as part of a mixed energy system, provides clean, quiet, and cost-efficient power for homes throughout New Zealand and the Pacific.  We currently have a waiting list for residential wind only power systems. Contact us for updates on upcoming availability and to be added to our mailing list.


Small Residential Wind Power System Ideal Conditions

  • The area in which you live has enough wind
  • There are no tall towers or obstacles that block or disrupt wind flow
  • You have enough land
  • You have predetermined how much power needs to be generated
  • You have a solar or hydro power system in place which the wind turbine will complement
  • We advise a net metering setup as the most practical option for residential properties powered by wind turbines
  • NZ Lifestyle block and remote customers where the cost of establishing grid power is over $50k.

Wind energy is friendly to the environment and does not create pollution.

Aside from some basic turbine maintenance costs, wind power is essentially also free, once the cost of installation is covered. There is a constant supply of wind-generated renewable energy available to rural areas. With the speed of developing technology small, residential applications have become an appealing option to the average rural homeowner.

The PowerCrate and Thin Air turbine are designed for rural residential and remote sites and can not be used in small urban residential settings. It can be placed up to 300 meters from the house in order to maximise wind and sun exposure.

Not sure what energy system is right for you?

If you have a rural residential or remote site, and want a green, cost efficient energy system, talk to us. We’re happy to provide honest, expert advice on whether wind power will work for your needs and your site.

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