ThinAir 102 Specifications

Turbine type Horizontal axis with patented teetering hub, downwind, stall regulated
Rotor diameter 3.6m
Swept area 10.2m2
Number of blades 1
Blade material Carbon/glass fibre epoxy hybrid
Rated power 2kW
Rated wind speed 10m/s
Cut in wind speed 3.0m/s
Cut out wind speed 20m/s
Rated rotation speed 315rpm
Rotation speed range 60-335rpm
Alternator Permanent magnet, axial flux, 3 phase, direct drive
Inverter input 180-470V DC
Annual energy output at 5m/s (average wind speed) 3137 kWh
Link to power curve and energy estimate @ 5 m/s Generic 5 m/s
Control system Powerhouse Wind electronic control
Turbine top of tower mass 75kg
Min. recommended tower height 8m
System price (turbine, tower, controller and inverter or battery charger) NZ$17100 + GST


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