Energy Systems for Commercial Applications

Hybrid energy systems are fast becoming the affordable green alternative for powering business in remote Aotearoa New Zealand. Powerhouse Wind can provide efficient, cost-effective renewable energy solutions tailored to the specific needs of your rural business and site considerations. Our systems are suitable for a range of applications from small commercial ventures to cell phone towers, woolsheds, marae, and even off-shore island community power.

Wind turbines for commercial purposes can be permanent installations, or part of the transportable PowerCrate stand-alone green energy system. 

Talk to us today about how a Thinair green energy system can minimise or eliminate your fluctuating energy costs, demonstrate your corporate social responsibility, and power your on- or off- grid commercial venture. 


Over 50% of Fortune 100 companies plan to meet their emissions reduction targets and renewable energy goals through commercial wind generation.

Capacity Ratings of Small Wind Turbines

Small wind turbines generate electricity when the wind is consistent, making it especially useful as part of a combined system such as PowerCrate. Well placed wind turbines can generate  up to 40% of their rated capacity (averaged hourly). In an “apples-to-apples”, Dunedin-based study of a wind-and-solar generation solution, the Thin Air delivered 36% of the power generated annually, and up to 75% in winter months.

Excess Wind Electricity Generated can be Sold to Power Retailers

When more electricity is generated than can be used, it can be sold back to the grid. When considering small scale wind turbines and their connection to the grid, consider the buy-back rates on offer by suppliers. It might be advisable to switch from your current retailer to access a better buy-back rate.

For those businesses that are not connected to the grid, you are likely to find it more economical and cost-effective in the long term to install a small wind turbine with either a solar electricity or micro-hydro system. This off-grid system will ultimately yield free energy, whereas a connection to an electricity network may cost as much as $25 000 per km.

Export Thinair wind turbine packed for shipping to the Solomon Islands.

Bill Currie, Richard Butler and Tim Mepham with the Enatel Synergi based energy system for the Solomon Islands in the PHW development lab.

 The Enatel Synergi based energy system in final stages of development testing with Thinair controller and comms module.

The complete system on the truck and on its way to the Solomon Islands.

Powerhouse Wind’s turbine has been on the roof since 2013 it is embedded into the internal load and has been reliably contributing whenever there is wind. The Polytech has made a commitment to embed sustainable practice into everything it does, and the turbine is a perfect example of this commitment. 

Neville Auton

Energy Manager, Otago Polytechnic

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