Powerhouse Wind collaborates with Marlborough Energy and Yealands Estate Winery  to place a PowerCrate at the viticulture office of the Seaview vineyard.

PowerCrate being placed on site by a HIAB

The vineyard already is grid connected and also served by a large solar array and some small wind turbines (see all the innovative sustainability measures they are taking here).  This PowerCrate is on-grid. The renewable energy will be primarily used in the office with excess exported to the grid. The key function of the PowerCrate at Yealands Vineyard is to boost the power supply to the viticulture office while enhancing energy resilience.

PV panels deployed

 The PowerCrate was fully deployed from the HIAB under the blue skies of Marlborough in less than 2 hours  and just before a ferocious squall rolled into the area (December 12th).


wind turbine deployed

While it’s not necessarily fun to be out in such weather, we were able to take advantage of the heightened winds to demonstrate the wind turbine’s performance. The Thinair achieved its 2kW rated power at 10m/s and reached 2.5kW as wind speeds maxed at 13m/s during the test period.

Wind turbine in squall

The video below captures both the ominous southerly encroachment and the happily spinning turbine, nicely demonstrating the additional energy security benefit of a wind-solar hybrid system. Thanks to Yealands and Energy Marlborough for the opportunity!