Powerhouse Wind has officially launched PowerCrate®  with the installation of its first show unit in Dunedin.  PowerCrate is  a turnkey off-grid energy solution for remote businesses and residential homes. It is classified as a hybrid generator harvesting renewable energy using solar panels and our Thinair™ wind turbine, maximising green energy security.



PowerCrate set for delivery

PowerCrate is designed as a portable 20ft container module. At approximately 3500kg  it can be handled by HIABs and forklifts and transported with standard freight services. Ground preparation at the deployment site is fairly minimal.  Flat ground  (33 sqm) with a weed-mat or gravel surface will generally suffice.

PowerCrate deploys or stows in about 2 hours . Panels are folded out and turbine is folded up! The electrical connection can be made by channeling a cable from the PowerCrate energy management enclosure to the main switchboard of the house.  This particular setup is on-grid with the grid connection passing through the inverter. In an off-grid set-up a back-up diesel generator would be tied into the inverter from which it would also be autonomously controlled.

Bill Currie and Tim Mepham look on proudly after the inaugural test. This PowerCrate is situated on Mt Cargill in Dunedin.  We have partnered with a pioneering resident who has offered to host and test the first PowerCrate.  PowerCrate is “plug and play”.  Everything needed for generation, storage and delivery is in the Crate.  This also means we can make holistic improvements. We will  continue to optimise the energy management module over the next few years based on the customer’s feedback and our own observations.